Understanding the way your spouse gives and receives love will bring depth and new fulfillment to your love life.

The 6 Hearts of Intimacy is a “Love Languages” for sex in marriage. Rather than focusing on sexual techniques, it unlocks the secret to true sexual fulfillment by revealing the unique way each spouse gives and receives love. Various books describe the distinct ways in which people express and accept love, but this idea has never before been specifically applied to intimacy in marriage.

Marriage experts Bob and Cheryl Moeller present biblically based and proven ways to enhance your relationship with your spouse as they describe the Romantic Heart, the Giving Heart, the Guardian Heart, the Companion Heart, the Worshipping Heart, and the Ecstatic Heart. They also expose the “counterfeit hearts” that are present in many people’s marriages, leaving their sexual relationship self-focused and empty. Many couples spend a lifetime attempting to express their love yet fail to achieve true intimacy. Sensitively written with practical advice and humor, The 6 Hearts of Intimacy shows husbands and wives how to successfully resolve conflicts in their sexual relationship and how to care daily for their spouse’s unique heart of sexual love. Discussion questions are included at the end of each chapter.

About Bob and Cheryl Moeller

Bob and Cheryl Moeller are the co-founders of For Better For Worse For Keeps Ministries, dedicated to healing hearts and restoring marriages in underserved communities. Over the last twenty-five years, they have authored numerous books together on marriage, including For Better For Worse For Keeps and To Have and To Hold, both of which were nominated for the Gold Medallion Award. Among other titles, they wrote Marriage Minutes, One Minute Devotionals for Couples, How to Get Your Husband to Talk to You, and Marriage Miracle.

For over a decade, Bob has been the host of a weekly television call-in show, Marriage – For Better For Worse, on the Total Living Network. It won “The Best Teaching Television Program of the Year” award given by the National Religious Broadcasters in 2013. In addition, Bob has produced a daily, one-minute program to encourage marriages, The Marriage Minute. The program began in 1994 and continues to play on radio stations throughout the United States. Cheryl, a homemaker and seasoned mother, has served as an author, literary agent, publicist, and writing conference speaker. Together, she and Bob served in the local church for twenty-five years before founding For Keeps Ministries in 2009. Bob and Cheryl have been married 39 years and are the parents of six grown children and six grandchildren. For the last three decades, they have made their home in the greater Chicago area.

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