From The Better Life Coach, Randal Smalls, comes a collection of encouraging stories, useful ideas, and profound inspiration for making tomorrow better than today. Builders and Blockers of Life vividly illustrates how to loosen your grip from the weight of the world so you’re able to reach out and embrace the better life you were created to live. Step-by-step, Randal takes you through the process of releasing those “blockers” of the past, allowing you to replace them with “builders”—habits and attitudes that will create a better future. When you believe in yourself and ask God for help, anything can happen. It all begins with making peace with the past so you can enjoy the present and design a preferred future. The better life you’ve dreamed of can become a reality.

 About the Author

With his inspirational influence already spanning more than twen­ty years, forty states, and thirty countries, Randal Smalls, “The Better Life Coach,” continues to empower individuals and groups to make their lives a dream come true. As creator of “The Better Life Course,” multi-level courses designed to help people break old habits and build a life they love, Randal maintains an active schedule of coaching individuals and conducting better-life events. He is also founder of The Better Life Foundation, Inc., a privately funded nonprofit organization de­signed to empower and equip at-risk teens and adults to build better habits and bring dreams to life through education.