Jesus never said “Seek first” about any pursuit or purpose except the kingdom of God. Yet over the years, the church has abandoned this central message. The reason most people today do not seek the kingdom is that they have not seen it. God’s kingdom on earth—His cosmic initiative—has the authority and power to transform our culture. This transformation occurs first within us and then around us, igniting the world with the kingdom gospel and leading to kingdom power, kingdom love, and the greatest kingdom harvest the world has ever seen.

 About the Author

For more than forty years, JACK R. TAYLOR has been the president of Dimensions Ministries of Melbourne, Florida, an international preaching and teaching ministry for which he has traveled to five continents and over sixty nations. Previously, during his pastorate of Castle Hills First Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas, the church grew from a membership of one hundred to over four thousand. Jack is the author of fourteen books and is the director of the Sonslink network, a group committed to modeling the biblical father-son paradigm in the mentorship of young men and women for ministry.