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Many diet plans are promoted as “one size fits all.” But each person is unique and has specific needs and preferences. Diet Diagnosis: Navigating the Maze of Diet and Nutrition Plans will show you how to choose the program that is best for you, while providing practical tools and effective principles that you can implement step-by-step.

No matter what your current health status, David Nico, aka “Dr. Healthnut,” will help you to reach your highest level of wellness possible, including a healthy weight. Dr. Healthnut says, “Healthnuts are not really ‘crazy’—they’re just everyday people who want to make healthier lifestyle choices.”

Maybe you’ve had your ups and downs as you’ve tried to maintain good eating habits, producing a vicious cycle of lifelong weight problems and risk of disease. Or, perhaps you feel perplexed by the conflicting opinions expressed in the media about the “best” foods to eat, so you wonder just what are the right foods to incorporate into your daily meals.

Achieving wholeness in your life requires multiple dimensions of health. Yet, as you take progressive steps toward healthier eating, you will be on the road to wellness. By changing what, why, and how you eat, you can experience optimum health.

The healthnut life:“Not Crazy. Just Healthy.”

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