“Wealth creation is a key to how the kingdom of God advances…read this and become part of the movement!” —Lance Wallnau

Dennis Peacocke presents twelve principles of management, growth, and productivity that can bring lasting change into the lives and cultures of all who apply them. This book is divided into two sections. The first deals with the theological issues affecting the individual believer and his or her role in the marketplace. The second takes those same issues and principles into the political and economic world in which we live. Dennis wants to reverse our current slide into chaos and economic bondage by encouraging the practice of God’s truths in the marketplace and by electing leaders who will do so in our public institutions.

Whoever produces both capital and human justice will lead the twenty-first century. This book builds a biblical foundation that for the establishment of a compassionate, kingdom-based, free-enterprise economic system.

 About the Author

DENNIS PEACOCKE, a former business owner, is now the founder and president of GoStrategic, a leadership organization dedicated to demonstrating the relevance of Christianity to every area of contemporary life. He has authored three other books: On the Destiny of Nations (2012), Winning the Battle for the Minds of Men (Destiny Image, 2005), and The Emperor Has No Clothes(2002). He has also recorded numerous audio and video presentations. Dennis and his wife, Jan, reside in Santa Rosa, California. They have three adult children and twelve grandchildren.