About the Book

Fans of T. D. Jakes and Joyce Meyer will love up-and-comer Bishop Henry Fernandez.

In Favor Unleashed, Fernandez takes you on an unparalleled adventure through God’s promises for every believer, empowering you to resist fear, doubt, unbelief, the opposition of others, and every other obstacle that comes against His purpose in your life. He will show you how, with God’s help, you can: Maintain your faith focus, identify your spiritual calling, redeem your mind and thoughts, face adversity victoriously, overcome rejection and fear, truly realize that you are blessed.

Today “beginning here and now” you can step into God’s fullness and experience His best for your life. He is committed to a great purpose and destiny for you. Unleash His abundant favor!

 About the Author

Henry Fernandez demonstrated his commitment to a "walk of faith" when he moved from Brooklyn, NY, to south Florida to plant a church in the cafeteria of a local elementary school with only eleven members. Now known as The Faith Center, that church makes its home in the former Sunrise Theater, where more than ten thousand members embrace the mission of "Reaching the World for Jesus." In 1995, Fernandez founded the University of Fort Lauderdale, a nondenominational, fully accredited Christian institute. Author of twelve books, Fernandez travels extensively as a guest speaker at conferences and on television programs. Henry Fernandez lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with his wife and two sons.