About the Book

Brent Henderson teaches spiritual truth to men and punctuates these truths with great stories of safaris, wilderness excursions, and hunting trips that keep men’s interest while also supporting the spiritual lessons. He teaches men about God’s love and grace, and he gets very honest about how men struggle with ego, approval, impure thoughts, spiritual attack, and what to do after hitting bottom. Brent speaks of the people in his own life who have helped him find healing and of how to understand that grace and real restoration is available through God. He also tells stories from the many men he has counseled about moving from shame and failure to a place of relief and hope. He uses an acronym “man TEA”— Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions—to help the men he disciples and counsels. He tackles issues of pornography, addiction, lust, marriage, and failure. Through it all, he is adamant that real transformation isn’t based on trying harder but instead is found only through experiencing God’s grace and love.

 About the Author

Brent Henderson is the executive director of MenMinistry.org and a nationwide speaker, author, professional outdoorsman, and ordained men’s ministry pastor. He’s been featured at hundreds of outreach events, including the Billy Graham Crusade and Promise Keepers. Brent speaks at over forty events per year, including men’s retreats, conferences, wild game dinners, and Sunday morning services. Brent is also a national recording artist, having toured with Dove and Grammy Award-winning artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, Sandi Patti, Avalon, and Crystal Lewis. Brent’s passion is to deliver transformational teaching through the lens of Scripture to help men discover who they are in Christ and to provide them with the tools they need to help others grow, share, and serve in Christ.