About the Book

Mani Erfan grew up in Iran as a faithful Shiite Muslim, but with the help of his father’s courageous actions, he avoided enrolling in the Iranian military and was given the opportunity to come to the United States instead. While studying at the University of Florida, Erfan gave his life to the Lord through a unique experience at a Christian businessman’s meeting. Within a few days of accepting Jesus as his Savior, unexpected money showed up in Erfan’s bank account, a court case was dropped, and he was reinstated at his job.

Despite working at various companies that treated Erfan poorly, the Lord told him to stay put. In doing so, Erfan earned millions of dollars and learned importance of being obedient to the faithfulness of God. He then began a successful recycling company, funded by Muslims even though the sole purpose of his ministry was to preach Christianity to followers of Islam. God then told Erfan to quit his job and start a catalyst company, UNICAT. It was a risky endeavor and Erfan had to trust the Lord to carry his family through as he was trying to grow and launch his new business.

Through the pages of True Wealth, Erfan expands upon what God has done in his life and he demonstrates the importance of obeying the voice of the Lord, even when you don’t understand why the Spirit is directing you to do something. Today, Erfan uses the wealth he has amassed in business to reach the Muslim world with the gospel through satellite TV and the Internet. He lives out the principle that, for Christian businesspeople, the goal of gaining wealth and market share is not to stockpile money for personal, frivolous use, but to use the income that God provides to impact the world for the kingdom of God.

 About the Author

Mani Erfan was born and raised in Iran as a Shiite Muslim. He experienced the fall of the Shah and the coming of the Islamic revolution to the country first-hand in 1979. After the start of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980, Mani immigrated to United States alone at the young age of 16 in 1983 to pursue his studies. Mani finished his degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Florida with high honors in 1988 and moved to Houston Texas to pursue his professional career. After a miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ while attending college, he converted to Christianity in 1987. Mani has been working in the professional field of catalysis since 1989 and was one of the founders of Unicat Catalyst Technologies in 1999, a multi-million-dollar global catalyst sales and service company. Today UNICAT has offices worldwide with sales exceeding five hundred million dollars since its inception. Since 1993, Mani has also been involved in Christian ministry and missions, first as a local pastor and then as the founder and CEO of CCM Evangelical Ministries, which uses media and satellite TV to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of Muslims worldwide. CCM’s ministry is extremely active in the Middle East and Central Asia and includes local missions and outreaches in many diverse Muslim nations.